It’s 3:27 in the morning and I still can’t sleep. NEED RUUUM. *shot*

Empty Sketchbook, No Inspiration

For the past few months, I feel like I haven’t had an ounce of inspiration for god knows how long. Art block? Maybe. Hopefully getting over this? GOD, I don’t even know myself. Usually when I have the idea, I just don’t have the time or just can’t grasp the feeling long enough due to college work. When I have no work. POOF… Gone. No feeling of inspiration to get my blood flowing. I loose the amped feeling. Hopefully this coming weekend will be different. I really want to start filling my sketchbook soon.

Just ordered these bad boys! I can’t wait for them! I am a HUGE sucker for stars! I just love the bold design. A stick out from the usual all-toned jeans. MINE~

Photos by Hot Topic

I’ve been having the shittiest week well known by the WTF Fairy. Situations which I won’t bother getting into. Usually when I’m deeply in the slumps, you know, super depressed; I usually can’t be perked up so easily. This entire week, my boyfriend just been the greatest sweetheart I can ever asked for. Especially when he brought me a beautiful bouquet of Cherry Blossoms. I can’t stay depressed when I see Cherry Blossoms. I JUST CAN’T. THANK YOU Will You’re the best, hun. Not only you’re my Boyfriend , you’re my Best Friend and I love you. <3

Photos are taken by me.

New Start

Well, besides me using Facebook and Twitter. I LOVE TUMBLR.

Here’s to a new start. :D